Fall In Love With Your Body As You Create A Boudoir Wedding Gift!

“That was fantastic. My new husband is going to love this wedding gift!!!!”
- Vanessa, 33

What's included...
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Here's what's included...

For our bridal clients, our Exclusive Bridal Offer is the ultimate tribute to yourself to present to your Fiancé.

Pre shoot consultation

Including styling advice on which outfits to bring.

Drink of choice

Friendly meet and greet at the with bubbly and refreshments.

Private studio

Your own private studio space at FYEO Portraits®. It'll just be you and your photographer in the room.

Posing help

Your own experienced female photographer who’ll demonstrate the poses and direct you every step of the way.

Your choice of photos

Your favourite 10 pictures in your Grooms Gift Box.

Play dress up

Access to the FYEO Portraits® dressing up box which includes wedding veils, gloves, feathers and fans

Confidentiality guaranteed

Our privacy and confidentiality guarantee, your images will not be used for marketing.

More confidence!

One s3xy secret and a delicious wedding gift for your beloved and a huge confidence boost and extra va va boom!

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Meet Alexandra

Boudoir photographer, Alexandra Vince, works with Brides with all levels of confidence and experience to help them create a personal wedding gift.

With over 20 years in the photography industry and appearing in countless magazines and TV appearances, Alexandra is a trusted specialist who understands what makes women tick.

Alexandra created For Your Eyes Only Portraits® with this knowledge, understanding, and empathetic approach to what discerning Brides want for themselves and their intended.

"What an amazing experience! You made me feel so comfortable, it’s like you knew exactly what was in my head."

- Niki, 41

"I felt strong and sexy and completely comfortable the whole time."

- Nadean, 37

"I was horrified at my post baby body, but did this as a wedding present for my husband. I loved it and so will he!!!!! "

- Jenna, 39


I've got A's for your Q's

“I’m not a model, I have a real woman’s body with curves and cellulite…will I look silly?”

Absolutely not! We are an inclusive company who celebrates a woman’s body in all the shapes and sizes they come in. We are experts in working with the body you have and showcasing it in the best light possible. Please do not feel you need to change anything to enjoy this experience! You are beautiful just as you are!  

“I’ve never had a professional photoshoot before, will you show me how to pose?”

Yes! Alexandra will show you exactly how to get into position by modelling herself, then encouragingly direct you and guide you, no experience required! We understand that at first this may feel strange and unusual, but we know exactly how to make you feel comfortable.  

“I feel nervous about being so vulnerable. How can you help me feel more confident?”

Firstly, there will only be women at the studio. Secondly, the studio itself is 100% private, dark, windowless and secure with soft music playing and good vibes only. We will work at your pace, never force you to do anything that feels uncomfortable. It’s quite common for women to leave feeling uplifted, on a natural high and empowered, wondering “was that just me that did that!?”.

“Can you help me with my hair and makeup?”

Yes! We have female makeup and hair experts that can be at your service. We love giving our clients the ultimate indulgent and unforgettable experience and this is all part of it!

Whilst this is a gift to your Fiancé, it’s also a gift to yourself. To show you just how beautiful and amazing you are.  

“I don’t know what to wear? Will you help me?”

Yes! You’re unsure what lingerie will look best on you, Alexandra can help. With over 20 years experience in photography, she can assist you before your session with deciding on what outfits to bring and suggest ideas such as including your wedding shoes for an extra bit of spice!

“How long will it take?”

Just one visit to Alexandra's UK studio is needed. Allow 3 hours for the session.

Book in now for your forthcoming wedding, your shoot needs to take place around 6 weeks before your wedding.

“Do you have any tips for how to keep this a secret from my Fiancé?”

Yes! Not all secrets are good ones, but in this case…it’s a must! We’ve advised clients to say your day is about wedding dress fittings, hair and make up run throughs or wedding shoe shopping. Your secret is safe with us!

“Where is the studio?"

Alexandra's studio is located in a pretty village called Lane End in the the South East of England. 45 minutes from West London close to High Wycombe train station. Nearest airport is Heathrow, 30 minutes away by car. Parking is available at the studio.